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Endoplus PRO is the new, upgraded formulation based on the natural components of Endoplus, in new amounts, and a new ingredient, peanut seeds containing luteolin. Endoplus PRO is the result of years of study and research, which makes it a better dietary supplement compared with the previous Endoplus version. The two products differ also in terms of administration mode: Endoplus PRO comes in single-dose oral powder sachets to be taken once a day with no need for water, while Endoplus comes in capsules and must be taken twice a day, about half an hour before meals.

Endoplus PRO is a dietary supplement containing the same ingredients as the previous Endoplus, with an improved formulation. All the clients that are currently taking the old Endoplus version can proceed with the treatment by replacing it with this new product, which is its more effective substitute.

Thanks to the linseed oil, it contributes to lipid metabolism. Thanks to the presence of feverfew, it helps to mitigate menstrual disorders and localized tension states. Besides, thanks to the folic acid content, it promotes fatigue and tiredness reduction.
The new, upgraded and patented formulation includes also peanut seeds, containing luteolin, and a higher content of phospholipidic curcumin, which stands out for high bioavailability and efficacy, as well as a long half-life.

Endoplus PRO, thanks to its unique formulation and the synergistic action of feverfew and curcumin, is useful to mitigate menstrual disorders.

At present, Endoplus PRO can be purchased only via the official website, which is the one you’re browsing now.
At the moment, it is not available in pharmacies or on any other website.

The action of Endoplus PRO is significantly optimized when combined with nutrition education. You can find nutritional tips on the page “Nutrition: First Steps”.

Hypersensitivity to the active principles or any of the excipients. Children under 10 years of age. Hepatic and renal insufficiency. Pregnancy or breastfeeding. Altered hepatic/biliary function or biliary duct stones (gallstones). The doctor’s opinion is recommendable if other drugs are being taken.

The use is recommended against in children under 10 years of age and patients having renal or hepatic insufficiency. If, upon the ingestion of this dietary supplement, adverse reactions not indicated in the package leaflet arise, go to see a doctor and eventually suspend its use.

One single-dose oral powder sachet once a day, preferably in the morning, before or after breakfast.

Without gluten. Naturally free of lactose. It does NOT contain animal source products.
Endoplus PRO should not be taken in the case of peanut allergy. Endoplus PRO contains peanuts.
Avoid concomitant use of alcohol. There is no information about possible interactions with other drugs.

No, Endoplus PRO can be currently purchased only here, our official online store.
You’ll receive the product directly at home.

Endoplus PRO is delivered within 5/7 working days.

No, at present, it is not possible to pay cash on delivery. You can pay by Debit Card, Credit Card, Postepay and PayPal.

No, Endoplus PRO does not contain nickel.


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